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Efficient Ticket Hypothesis

In a past post, I wondered how a local museum theater could make money showing movies to limited audiences.  Well, here is a step in wrong direction, business-wise, anyway:  the $0.00 ticket.

All kidding aside, Free Fridays are a great way to get people into the museums, and it’s probably pretty good for business overall.  The MoMA was packed with people, and the gift shop–and it’s $40 photobooks and $23 T-shirts–was equally occupied.  An interesting question is then “How much does the museum make on each $0.00 ticket?

An uninteresting question is “why didn’t the security guard just let me in without a ticket, instead of demanding that I go grab two from a big pile on the front desk and then not collect the tickets from me anyway?”

It was enough to make me consider asking for my money back.

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  1. December 7, 2010 at 9:23 pm

    Maybe they needed your tickets from the front desk so they can count the people who came in through the system, either for taking statistics or just for counting up to a certain amount (“Limited audience”).

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