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Math Art: Cube Towers

This is “Prime Divisor Cube Towers on Ulam Spiral”, by Berhard Rietzl, on display at the 2012 Bridges Math and Art Conference at Towson University.

This is an artistic representation of the numbers 1 through 144:  each color represents a different prime divisor, and so each stack represents the prime factorization of the given number.

You can read more about this piece here.

Guest Post for Moebius Noodles: Mathematical Weaving

It was an honor to contribute a guest post to Moebius Noodles, a wonderful project focused on creating resources that provide rich mathematical experiences for young children.

After seeing my TED Talk on Creativity and Mathematics, Maria Droujkova, one of the authors of Moebius Noodles, contacted me and asked if I would put together a piece about how I use weaving to explore mathematical ideas.

My piece is titled “Weaving Your Way Through Mathematics,” and can be found on the Moebius Noodles website.

More resources on mathematics and weaving can be found here.

Math and Weaving — Belt Weaves

Here are some examples of what I call “belt weaving” (I’m sure there’s a better term).  The basic idea is to begin with long strips of construction paper, oriented perpendicularly, and then weave and fold your way down.

Here are two examples of 2×2 belt weaves.  In both cases, the same kinds of strips are used,  but in a different initial configuration.

The 3×3 belt weaves offer more initial configurations, and show more complexity.

There is a rich and interesting structure to explore in these “belt weaves”.  For example, these two weaves look similar, but are indeed different.

My students and I had fun exploring the mathematical relationships between the various belt weaves.  I will share some of our ideas and results in my series on Weaving in Math Class.

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Math Art: Mobius Marble

June 23, 2012 1 comment

From the 2011 Bridges Conference, a beautiful piece of sculpture from Nick Durnan.

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Math Photo: Sine Wave Sandwich

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Fun with Polygonimoes

A lot of nervous energy was building up while I was waiting in the wings at the 2012 TEDxNYED conference.

Luckily, I found some polygons to play around with, so I converted my anxiety into mathematical art.

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Math Photo: Cross Section Sculpture

June 3, 2012 2 comments

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